Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe

Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe 1.0

Practice your math


  • Fun way to learn


  • Weak graphics
  • Divisions not included
  • Limited level of difficulty
  • Crashed often

Not bad

Math Tac Toe is a simple game to learn all about maths.

The best way to get your kids to learn math is by making them see it as a game. Math Tac Toe helps them practice their additions, subtraction and multiplication (yet not divisions) in a tic tac toe way.

Enter the correct result in the box to place your O or X.

Math Tac Toe has two skill modes and three math modes to choose from and you can play either against the AI or other users.

As a parent, try playing against your kids and going through the different modes until they feel comfortable with the different operations. The little grid at the right of the interface will allow you to keep scores.

One major drawback to the game is it's difficulty. Because Math Tac Toe only offers basic operations, there's only so much time until your kids master it completely.

We were also a little disappointed with the graphics, which look fairly outdated and by the fact that the application crashed often.

Overall though, Math Tac Toe is a fun game for kids to start learning about basic math operations, with limited difficulty.

Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe helps students practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Play against the computer or play head to head with a friend, parent, or tutor. Three math modes and two skill levels means that students can find a game that fits their skill level whether they are in kindergarten, eighth grade, or anywhere in-between.

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Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe


Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe 1.0

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